After getting the art diploma certificate from the art school "Lucio Fontana" of Arese, near Milan, she graduated in February 2012, in Graphic Design and Art Direction in "NABA".

The academic experience allows her to have a lot of significant experiences in graphics, such as the first place in the graphic competition "IDEA - International Design Education Award", during the 2010 Arts National Awards, sponsored by the General Direction of the Higher Artistic and Musical Ministry of Education, University and Research; and the fifth place, as the only italian concurrent, qualified in the final step of the social and graphic competition "Design a road safety posters for Europe!".

During the three academic years, she worked for the RbTrade company, as the head graphic designer for the European event "FIP Polo World Cup - European Playoffs 2011". In 2009 she worked for BTG Group Agency, as the head graphic designer of the monthly insert, Upsidetown. At the same time, she gained experience freelancing, working for Guess Europe and Duemme Ltd.

She has recently completed an internship as a graphic designer in Bottega Veneta, a famous Italian company active in luxury goods field.
Currently, she is a graphic designer and junior art director at the communications agency TLS - TuningLove Services snc in Milan.

She hold a English diploma at the Kings School of English in London, and a Spanish diploma, issued by the Spanish Embassy in Milan.
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