The project will show everybody, an original and unexpected Milan, through the organization of a photographic exhibition and all its advertising activity.
The project idea is been made for the Expo 2015.

The word DUALISMI has inside all the essence of the project: DUAL is used to emphasize the double aspect of Milan, its most popular characteristic in opposite position with its less well known but also magic and stereotyped feature. MI is refered to Milan.
The logo plays with the different aspects that the city offers, with the movement and the overlap of the lines, with which emphasizing the overlap and the stratification effect of the multicultural and artistic city as Milan is.

Exibition catalogue.
The book of the exibition will match perfeclty the dualism concept of the event, closed in its name, that Milan has inherent in itself. Milan is well known as a multiethnic city, which will be the key of the structure of the catalogue.
The cover of the catalogue will be inside the essence of the photography exibition. Essential and elegant, it has a double cover: the front is black and the other side, white. The point of junction of both sides, have a black and white texture. In the close catalogue will be evident the exibition concept, and so Milan as well.

Guerrilla Marketing.
The glasses boxes, as guerrilla marketing, have inside an information totem with the city map. They have also some empty windows as invite to observe Milan throught them, in a different way, discovering some unknown aspect of the city. The boxes will be placed in strategic places in town as Parco Sempione, Piazza Duomo, Piazza Castello and so on..
In Milan there are a lot of public transports, as cars numbers. So the exibition advertising will be based on the unconventional promotion, with the diffusion of some graphic dualitic textures, used to cover buses and undergrounds.
Obviously, the advertising campaign will not forgetting the more conventional media. All the comunication will live in two languages, to honor the multiethnicity of Milan.

The interior design of the exibition.
The location will be decorated with some temporary gray, balck and white banners, inside and outside, which will rappresent the dualism of the event and the stratified of the metropolis itself. Aware is the choice to not change anything inside the built, so it will be possible to put in evidence the dualism of the location, as well as the dualism of the city, both inside and outside.
Partecipate to the event.
The viewer curiosity, and his desire to discover a different Milan, is another important part of the event.
Dualismi allows visitors to became an active part in the exibition with their own photos and ideas. It's possibile to show everybody the personal idea of duality of the city, upload the photo on a particular server. After that, during the event, all the photos uploaded, will be shown on a dedicate wall.
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